Having completed our 12th successful summer, the CT Chargers has continued to establish itself as one of the premier club lacrosse programs in the country. With 20 teams (Grades 3-11) competing in over nine different tournaments, we have solidified one of the most effective training models in the region.

With this continued success, we are proud to announce our full year programming opportunities for all of our athletes. Many other programs are now offering year round options, but no other can match the dedication and appreciation of the game of lacrosse while making it both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We have always prided ourselves with player development, and now we are committing ourselves to players even more by offering robust year-round programming. The intent is to offer options to those looking to strengthen their skills and development during the fall and winter seasons, while also allowing multi-sport athletes the chance to take advantage of skill development when the opportunity is viable.

This new approach allows us to leverage our coaching networks, developing players during non-peak periods.  Our main objectives are to focus on the following:

Team size: We maintain roster sizes with an understanding and appreciation of the teaching process, we know our players and coach to their individual needs.  At the younger levels, this means understanding the patterns of development and differentiating coaching practices to reach every player.  For the older group, providing a rigorous and relevant coaching curriculum enables players to easily transition onto top level high school teams during the spring. We try to maintain rosters that make sure we have enough players to draw from to make sure we have full practices and full rosters for our tournaments. The tricky part is to manage attendance at individual tournaments so that we have “enough, but not too many”.   

Commitment to providing full assistance in the college admission process: Coaches are available, both on and off the field. Helping with the recruiting process has been one of the Chargers greatest strengths.  While our success with college placement speaks for itself, we continue to focus on finding the RIGHT fit for our players, the goal being to find schools where our players will succeed on, and more importantly, off the field. We have successfully averaged over 20 committed players per class over the past four years.

Maintaining one of most professional and educated staffs in the region: Our staff is comprised almost entirely of professional educators and certified coaches.  Understanding the importance of surrounding our athletes with quality coaching throughout the calendar year translates to immediate success on the field.

Regional draw: We are not a one town program that “only takes care of its own.”  We have one of the most geographically diverse groups of athletes, with multiple players representing New Haven, Fairfield, and Westchester counties, with some coming from even farther distances.  Our coaching staff also represents over eight different town teams.  

The decision to play for a club team can be difficult, but by providing the best coaching and year round programming in the region, we hope the choice is simple.