The Chargers’ main goal is to develop lacrosse players into top level players by maximizing each player’s potential.  The coaching staff believes that this goal is best achieved by creating an atmosphere that breeds higher level of play.  Elite players will be surrounded by other elite players which in turn will elevate the overall level of play and skill.  In addition, all players will be guided by our elite coaching staff so that every player is put in the right position to succeed.  The Chargers’ staff believes that the learning environment is crucial to the development of the individual and we strive to make this experience a positive one.   Finally, we understand that being on a first-rate team with outstanding teammates and great coaches/mentors are by themselves not enough; rather, to develop complete players you need the intensity and competition only achieved at the highest tournament levels.

The Connecticut Chargers plan is to take the best 5th-12th Graders and create  Elite teams and  Developmental teams. If they say “success is where preparation meets hard work,” then it’s never too early to start teaching either concept. On the Chargers Elite Lacrosse team, young lacrosse players will begin the ultimate preparation for a successful and skillful lacrosse career. The high school and collegiate stars that young players emulate often began honing their skills and learning the game early on and it is obvious that getting serious about and striving to be better as early as possible truly pays off.

The Chargers Elite teams offer several select opportunities to players in Grades 5th-12th. Our philosophy is simple but crucial - our players will be exposed to advanced lacrosse techniques, skills and game situations while also improving their basic fundamentals of the game, playing against other elite competition under the guidance of top high school lacrosse coaches and current college players. The Chargers High School Elite teams will present a unique opportunity for those highly skilled players to take their game to the next level. These teams will consist of the best of the best of high school lacrosse in Connecticut. It is the Chargers staff belief that all these players need the intense competition achieved by competition at the highest levels. This will allow the Chargers to have the most competitive practices, which in turn will prepare each player to be successful at each tournament the Chargers enter.

The Chargers Developmental teams will look to give players an opportunity to continue to gain valuable instructional and playing experience to continue to improve the athletes level of play and reinforce their passion for this great game of lacrosse.